Stanford University

“Dave Beach, Craig Milroy, Marlo Kohn and the teaching assistants lead students through the process of taking nothing but raw materials and making something tangible that started only in their imagination.”

Owner/Managing Director, HEATH Ceramics

“The Product Realization Lab taught us that there is a power in physical prototypes. Not just as proof of the soundness of an idea, but the power to generate excitement about an idea, which is sometimes more important.”

Director of Engineering, Tesla Motors

The Product Realization Lab is where my dreams became tangible. My abstract notions, concrete. Where my own hands brought life to the ideas that sprang from my young mind in that magical Stanford environment.

Partner, IDEO

“Innovation and creativity are critical to the solution
 of many world problems. How do you develop these in students? The Product Realization Lab is one way.”

Managing Director, MIMCO LLC

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