Meet the Makers: REACTION Disaster Housing

32 million disaster victims are made homeless each year. REACTION is making stackable, transportable, connectable, recyclable temporary homes for them. And they’ve raised $11M+ in seed and venture funds to do it. Hear their off-the-record account of how REACTION is transforming disaster shelter response. The speakers: Michael McDaniel, the CEO and Founder of REACTION, was formerly with Frog Design. Mariel Lanas, BS ’13 (Product Design) MS ’15 (Mechanical Engineering), is the Design Engineer at REACTION and was formerly at Apple and Driptech.
29 October 2015
7 PM

Past Events

MEET the MAKERS Student Showcase

Product Realization Lab students transform big ideas into pathbreaking products. See innovations in sports equipment, consumer goods, education and health devices, agricultural tools, and MORE! Come get a glimpse of the future!
June 2015

MEET THE MAKER: Krista Donaldson

Krista Donaldson (MSE Product Design ’98, PhD Mechanical Engineering ‘04) is CEO of D-REV, a non-profit product development company that designs and delivers products to people living on less than $4 a day. Donaldson led the release of Brilliance (a low-cost, high-quality phototherapy device that reduces the number of infant deaths and disability caused by newborn jaundice) and ReMotion (an affordable prosthetic knee that is worn by over 4,900 amputees in the developing world). Donaldson has been named one of Fast Company’s 50 Designers Shaping the Future, is a World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer, and is the recipient of the General Electric Alva Award for "helping to shape the future by putting ideas into action.” Before leading D-Rev, Donaldson served as a Diplomacy Fellow for the U.S. Department of State and guided Iraq’s economic policy and the reconstruction of its electricity sector. Come and hear Donaldson's view of the growing impact of the engineering-design-social enterprise sector.
May 2015


Mark Fuller is the co-founder and chief excellence officer at WET and creator of the fountains of Bellagio, Lincoln Center, and Waters Park for the 2014 Sochi Olympic Games. In this Meet the Maker session, Mark will discuss his work using water and energy to transform human connection with the elements, with each other, and with our inner selves.
April 2015

Silversmithing Show!

Beautiful and precious objects, magnificently designed and realized by twenty-two Stanford students.
March 2015

MEET THE MAKERS Winter 2015!

Product Realization Lab student-made bikes! furniture! lighting! sports gear! and MUCH MORE! Come see for yourself!
March 2015

Battle of the HOOP-BOTS!

Student-engineered HOOP-BOTS shoot baskets with the efficiency of the Splash Brothers!Two-minute sudden-death elimination rounds! The BOT with the highest score wins! It’s WILD! It’s CRAZY! It’s STANFORD MECHATRONICS!
March 2015

Making the Future for the Other 90%

Erica Estrada-Liou is a master at developing brilliant solutions that transform the lives of the least fortunate. In her one-hour Meet the Maker session, Estrada-Liou will give her inside view of how “design engineering” can tackle some seemingly intractable challenges in underserved communities. Estrada-Liou is the co-founder of d.light design, a social enterprise that provides affordable light and power products to people living off of the electrical grid; Stanford Social Entrepreneurship Lab, which uses human-centered design to alleviate poverty and related social issues; and the developer of Design for Change: Poverty in America, a course in which students designed solutions to improve services for people experiencing homelessness.
February 2015


Ken Martin (MS, Management Science and Engineering ’94, Biodesign fellow 2004-2005) shares his experiences applying the lessons of the Product Realization Lab to the care and feeding of startup medical device companies. Martin is currently the President and CEO of Cibiem, Inc., a medical device company pioneering a novel treatment for hypertension and heart failure. Previously, he was the CEO of Sadra Medical, a percutaneous aortic valve company, which he successfully sold to Boston Scientific in 2011.
January 2015

Meet the Makers Students Presentations 2014

More than 100 brilliant STUDENT MAKERS from the Product Realization Lab present their AMAZING fall quarter projects! Products include innovations in sports equipment, consumer goods, education and health devices, agricultural tools, and MORE!
December 2014

Meet the Makers Expert Session: Robin Petravic

Robin Petravic MFA ’97 discusses the process by which he transformed HEATH Ceramics from a dilapidated factory to an industry juggernaut in California-made, artisan-created products of enduring beauty and purpose that enhance people’s lives
November 2014

Meet the Makers Expert Session: Matt Lenoci

Matthew Lenoci MS '93 shares his insider’s look at MATTEO, the American sewn textiles manufacturing company he founded in 1996. MATTEO is one of very few textile manufacturers left in the United States. Matt will share his story of what MATTEO is doing to help re-awaken the spirit of “Made in America” while creating jobs and building community in East Los Angeles.
October 2014

Got Robot?

Curt Wilson, Vice President of Engineering and Research at Delta Tau Data Systems, will demo some amazing motion control robots, explore the state of the art, and predict our robotic future.
May 2014

Meet the Makers! Student Presentations Spring '14

More than 100 Product Realization Lab students will show their amazing projects! Come see bikes, furniture, lighting, sports gear, jewelry, Exploratorium exhibits, and MUCH MORE!
June 2014

Meet the Makers! Student Presentations

Product Realization Lab students transform big ideas into pathbreaking products. Come get a glimpse of the future!
March 2014

Meet the Makers NeXperts Panel!

What‘s the NEXT BIG THING? The next generation of Product Realization Lab grads—the NEXPERT MAKERS!—who are transforming our world will share their triumphs, tribulations, and telescopic views of the future with panel moderator SilverLake Kraftwerk Managing Director Adam Grosser.
March 2014


Bitcoins aren’t the only superhot cryptocurrency making headlines! In the immortal words of Gordon Gecko, GREED IS GOOD! Stanford Mechatronics students created BITBOTS that battle for BOTCOINS! Come see the victorious BITBOT walk off with all the SAMOLEANS!
March 2014

Silversmithing and Design

Beautiful and precious objects, magnificently designed and realized.
March 2014

Meet the Makers Expert Session: TOYS!

Meet Chris Haughey, the Co-founder and Head Elf at Tegu. Headquartered in Honduras, Tegu is a global pioneer in creating and manufacturing sustainable, joy-enhancing, community-building toys. In this Meet the Makers Expert Session, Haughey will share his triumphs, tribulations, and telescopic view of the future.
February 2014

Meet the Makers Expert Session: SPORTS PLANES!

KIRK HAWKINS is a former F-16 fighter pilot, seaplane instructor, SCUBA diver, and founder and CEO of ICON Aircraft. Fortune called the ICON A5 aircraft “the Ferrari of the skies” and likens low-altitude sport flying to “off-road airspace for pilots who don’t want to fly at 30,000 feet going Mach 0.8.” Hawkins will share the triumphs and tribulations of launching this pathbreaking venture, as well as his telescopic view of the future of recreational flying.
February 2014

Meet the Makers Expert Session: CRAVE!

MICHAEL TOPOLOVAC, serial entrepreneur and creator of products that range from photography and sports gear to sex toys, will share triumphs, tribulations, and his telescopic view of the future.
January 2014

Meet the Makers Expert Session: SPORTS GEAR!

PETER DREISSIGACKER, founder and CEO of Concept2, is the creator of the first viable, affordable composite racing oar, and designer/manufacturer of the best-selling rowing machine in the world. Of the 84 boats that made it to the finals in the 2012 Olympic Games, a total of 59 were rowing with Concept2 oars.
January 2014

Flexible Parts RULE!

Flexible Part Design student innovators present their fresh takes on sports equipment, audio accessories, lighting, kitchen tools, electronics, toys, and more. SEE FOR YOURSELF!
December 2013

Meet the Makers!

Product Realization Lab students present their AMAZING fall quarter projects! See innovations in sports equipment, consumer goods, education and health devices, agricultural tools, and MORE!
December 2013


A panel of Silicon Valley investors choose the student-made smartphone-powered prototypes most likely to transform the home automation, electrical test equipment, extreme sports videography, and gaming markets.
November 2013

LISA, Michelangelo, and the Future of Engineering

Paolo Bosetti, Assistant Professor of Industrial and Mechanical Engineering, University of Trento, discusses LISA (Laser in Space Antenna that measures space gravity), Michelangelo (European automated manufactory system), and what these projects signal for the global manufacturing revolution.
November 2013

Meet the Makers!

One hundred life changing products by one hundred product realization lab students
June 2013

ME298: Silversmithing and Design

Spring Class Show
September 2013

The Chair

Eleven original designs from Stanford students
June 2013

Fiscal Cliff Face-Off

Sumo senator robots. Two minute face-offs. Last SumoSenator standing avoids the Fiscal Cliff
March 2013

Meet the Makers!

Stanford students transform big ideas into transformative products.
March 2013

ME298: Silversmithing and Design

Winter Class Show
March 2013