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Whitfield Fowler

Starting in the Fall of 2023, Whit will be co-teaching ME 217 with Jonathan Edelman. It's a new class combining content from Design for Manufacturability (formerly ME 317) with additional material from Value Creation and Ethics. 

Whit began his teaching experience in the 90's when he was a senior at St. Olaf, tutoring freshmen and sophomores in Physics. In graduate school at Stanford in the 00's, he was a teaching assistant and research assistant for Professor Kos Ishii. Over a 5-year period he had the chance to develop and deliver lectures, coach student teams in their class projects, and provide educational consulting services across a variety of circumstances: on-campus for students of ME317 Design for Manufacturability, through SCPD for professionals taking the course remotely, at businesses including Cisco and Sun Power in the San Francisco Bay Area, in Japan at Keio University Hiyoshi campus for students of their SDM ALPS capstone design course, in Japan at companies such as Toshiba and Ebara. Since then, he has had the chance to mentor a team in the Tech Challenge and to take advantage of the small teaching moments he has with his two young daughters.