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WaterJet Cutter

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Waterjet cutting is a process that allows you to cut through materials including thick metals with high precision and computer controlled geometry. Through high pressure beams of water mixed with abrasive garnet, the water jet pierces to through the material with a very small spot size. Student generate designs using various computer programs to create the outline of what they would like to cut out and then generate the path that the cutting head will trace.

Complex 3D forms can be assembled from flat-pattern designs. Students can use 3D CAD programs such as SolidWorks and Autodesk Fusion 360 or a 2D vector program like Adobe Illustrator to generate design data.

Machine Specifications

  ProtoMax Water Jet
Location Welding Room, Bldg 610
Material Size(s) 12" x 12"
Water Pressure 30,000 PSI
Materials Includes but not limited to: Aluminum, Steel, Titanium, Stone, Carbon Fiber
Operation in the PRL Runs from Adobe Illustrator, Solidworks, or Fusion 360. Files require specific line formatting. Use ProtoMAX Layout & ProtoMAX Make in the welding room.
Tutorial Documents Waterjet Cutter Instruction